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Blood spill belt

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

For once, I am not using my blog to talk about a t-shirt I want. This time, it’s a belt!!


I already have a skull belt… but who wouldn’t want one that has ZOMBIES!!


Due to my fast paced retail job, I have dropped some weight. These days, I look more and more like a sexy skeletal zombie, and I need something to hold up my pants. Being such a fashion plate, this is a must have item. Don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of Hot Topic. In fact, I feel like doing this whenever I see one in the mall:



However, I will refrain from any pyrotechnic displays until I have the belt in my possession.


My addiction…

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

UPDATE: I have the best lady ever! She bought the zombie shirt for me and even hid from me for over a month. I am a truly spoiled and lucky boy.

In other shirt news… I picked this up from teefury the other day.




I have a confession. It is hard for me to admit my weakness. I try to keep it private and hidden to lessen my shame. Unfortunately, anyone who is close to me is privy to my addiction, and I fear that they may plan an intervention for me one day. BUT I CAN QUIT ANYTIME… err… really… I can.

Anyway, I can not resist a cool t-shirt design. Every day I gleefully check all the websites that sell those 24 t-shirt deals. And if they happen to have a shirt that revolves around Cthulhu or zombies, it takes all my will not to press that big shiny BUY NOW button.

Like today, for instance. site has a pretty sweet design today.


Too bad I just bought a shirt last week from Yes, look on this shirt and weep with jealousy…

Ah, if I only had unlimited funds and closet space. I would own all the shirts!!