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The Great Old Ones want your money!!!

Monday, June 11th, 2012

If I had unlimited funds, not only would I own every single t-shirt I post about on this blog, I would also peruse kickstarter and indiegogo every day and fund all the amazing projects and products I find there.



Being an unrepentant nerd, I love games of all types. Throw Cthulhu in the mix, and you are guaranteed to grab my attention. So, ‘The Doom That Came to Atlantic City’ is exactly what I have been looking for. I love my other Mythos inspired game, ‘Arkham Horror’, but it can be a bit daunting to set up and play. This one looks to be much easier to just bust out and go. And it comes with sculpted figures. The 12 year old me who bought up all the pewter D&D figures in the hobby shop is squealing with glee right now.



Next up, we have a product that mashes up two things I never thought would go together so well, tentacles and tiki drinks. One of my fondest dreams is an authentic tiki bar built in my backyard, complete with a giant fire-breathing tiki idol… once I get a backyard that is… a big one… with neighbors who are understanding, and not so quick to call the fire department. Obviously, this product was made just for me. Horror in Clay has made these amazing mugs. To receive one, you have to pledge at least $40. But come on, who only wants one, you gotta have at least a matched set, right?!? I have to keep my check book and debit card locked up, lest I drain my account filling my cupboards with Cthulhu!



Well, if you can’t afford the $40 and still want to support this amazing project, there are smaller donation amounts. You will miss out on the tiki mugs, but you will still get some nice stuff. Including, postcards, t-shirts, coasters, and matchbooks.



It may not be exactly horror related, but this video store in Brooklyn is looking for backing. Indie stores, and video stores in general, are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to my local VHS emporium, and some nearby theaters and drive ins, I was able to become the horror fan you now see before you. Drive ins are almost extinct, so a place like this is one of the last chances for the wee monster kids to get the education they need to carry the torch once my fingers rot off and I am unable to type up another blog post.