NYC Zombie Prom 2012



It was a night to remember. Shambling, rotting ghouls dressed in their finery. Oozing, dripping and strutting their stuff on the dance floor. Decaying hearts aflutter with the prospect of possibly being crowned king or queen of the prom. Every zombie anticipating the time when GWAR will take the stage to rock their ears off.

The NYC Zombie Prom was a roaring success, and honestly, the best zombie prom I have been to. Granted, it is only my second one, but it will be hard to top this! I was lucky enough to have a fantastic prom date who was as psyched as I was to go all out for this shindig. We started the planning quite some time before the big event itself. Brainstorming makeup ideas, working out recipes for the pre-party, ripping and shredding our outfits.

For the first time, Leah and I decided to work on producing our own nasty prosthetic pieces. She went with some large latex pustules that would squirt green ooze when they were squeezed.



For myself, I opted to make some fake teeth out of sculpey, which I then embedded in liquid latex and cotton wool to make it appear as if my lip and lower jaw were skinned and raw.



It started off with a little shopping spree at Abracadabra NYC, who were co-sponsoring the Prom. Kenneth, one of the employees, was super excited to hear we were going, and helped us pick out the very best in grotesque makeup and appliances. We went pretty wild with liquid latex, fake blood, zombie rot, spirit gum, makeup wheels and the like. I picked up a nice little skull bone piece. Thankfully, the store was offering a discount for those attending the party, so we saved a few dollars that way. Purchases in hand, we rushed home to fill up the makeup case we had just procured solely for our effects and makeup. It was kinda silly how excited the two of us were to own an actual case full of disgusting cosmetics. We festooned it with some stickers I have been collecting and hoarding for years. Some skulls from Jinx, a few that my buddy Voltaire gave me a while ago, and cool looking Lunchmeat VHS ones.



Like kids waiting for Christmas, it was hard to contain our excitement waiting for the big day. Leah was very busy in the kitchen creating spooky snacks. I won’t steal her blog thunder, so you should check out her post and get a look at her creations!

On the big day, I was in charge of other entertainment while we all zombied up. It seemed right to view some bloody cinema. ‘Night of the Creeps’ set up the mood and ‘Slither’ only heightened it. Our guests, Blythe and TJay had never seen either movie, so I felt proud to introduce them to two movies that both involves space slugs and zombie-like creatures. Hmm… someday I should do a review of the both of them back to back. A pair of great flicks with so many similarities!




Food, beer, movies and makeup… we were ready to get down to it. A plastic tarp was laid down, transforming our kitchen into a staging area, making it look like a scene from ‘American Psycho’. All we were missing were plastic raincoats and an axe…



It took some time, but we all came up with some very cool effects to turn ourselves into the walking dead. Pustules, jaw pieces, head wounds and the like, all adding to the overall look.



Much hassle was had trying to go the one block from the apartment to the subway. We didn’t realize there was a festival going on in our ‘hood on this particular weekend. The attention was nice, but we couldn’t stop for pictures with everyone. A lot of bath salt jokes were shouted at us on our travels.



How to even describe the amazing times at the actual prom? It is all a rush of drinks, dancing and fun.  They had giveaways, raffles, a DJ spinning creepy tunes, professional prom photos, a beauty pageant (our buddy Kenneth from Abracadabra deservedly won it dressed in zombie drag). Leah and I were lucky enough to get up on stage and be voted in as runner up Prom Queen and King! TJay won 5th place, and a pretty spiffy sash. What an unexpected honor for our gang. Last, but not least, GWAR took the stage to rock while showering us in blood and slime. Those crazy guys can still bring the house down! I haven’t seen them since I was a still a pimply teenager, and they haven’t lost their edge.

Thanks again to Abracadabra and Zombies Can’t Love for organizing the whole party. All the rotters there had the time of their after life!

P.S. – There was a ridiculous amount of press coverage that night. From personal blogs all the way up to national press coverage. Check out some of the links and pics below!!i=1898903502&k=nDZDMSc


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