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Vicious Valentines

Monday, February 13th, 2012

I love what Warren Ellis has to say about V-Day… but for those of you who want to catch the detached eye and win the spurting heart of your favorite ghoul, might I suggest some sites that offer interesting holiday cards?

Marcelo Gallegos has some nice pieces up on his site for those with a love of Cthulhu or creepy cupcakes.

Have a zombie fetish? I know I do! Then these Walking Dead cards are just what you need.

Want something just a little bit older and stranger? Here are some scans of vintage cards with a weird and sinister bent posted on facebook.

Anyone who hungers for love and tasty meat snacks will want to go to the Jack Link’s site to check out their sasquatch valentine’s.

I sent a couple of the Walking Dead ones to Leah. Much to her chagrin, I also sent some of the sasquatch ones. I declared to her on this past New Year’s Eve that 2012 would be the year of the sasquatch. She was not nearly  as amused by this as I was. However, if I keep it up I feel she may come around to my side. Or… bludgeon me to death with a DVD copy of The Legend of Boggy Creek.


Mourning the loss of one of our zombie brethren… and help save a horror landmark

Monday, February 13th, 2012


I was sad to hear about the passing of Bill Hinzman earlier this month. You may know him better as the cemetery zombie from the original ‘Night of the Living Dead’. He passed away on February 5th at the age of 75 from cancer.

While he may not have gone on to great stardom after NOTLD, he has always been close the the hearts of every modern shambler fanatic. He was the first rotting glimpse we got of what Romero had in store for us. Hinzman went on to play roles in a few other genre movies. He even directed one of his own, ‘Flesheater’ in 1988. Naturally, it was a zombie flick.

Bill was also a mainstay of horror conventions, and I am doubly sad that I will never get to meet the man. By all accounts he was a great guy to hang out with, and thoroughly enjoyed his stature as the first modern zombie.

Here he is in a pizza commercial that will surely put a smile… or at least revolting  rictus on your face…



While we are on the subject of the living dead, I wanted to mention a cause that may interest all of us fans of the seminal NOLTD. It seems that the Evans City Chapel, which also had a cameo in the film, is in need of our help. The chapel has fallen into massive disrepair over the years, and is in danger of being torn down. Gary R. Steiner, who happens to have been the sound engineer on the film, has a year to raise $50,000 to restore the chapel to it’s former state. Please go to the website for further info. And if you can’t donate, at least help to spread the word.  The website lists all the ways one can pitch in. You can donate, buy merch from the store, or attend any of the events listed on their page. Please do all you can to save this landmark from destruction!