Back off man, I’m a scientist

As reported on the official Ghostbusters Facebook page, the movie will be re-released this October. So far, any other news is pretty scant, the last post with any update stated:

“Have you missed Mr. Stay Puft? It takes an awfully big screen to contain this king-sized ‘mallow. Stay tuned, as Janine will relay all specific screening times and locations once our office receives word from the Mayor. In the meantime, anybody want to play Parcheesi?”

I myself, saw the movie on the big screen 3 times when it was first released. And, I still watch it at least twice a year on DVD. Loathe though I am to admit it, I even saw the far inferior sequel a few times. I faithfully watched every episode of the cartoon (while eating the sugary sweet cereal), played all the video games, and enjoyed the pen and paper role playing game. Heck, even my Xbox avatar is wearing the GB jumpsuit! I am already warming up my proton pack in anticipation…



2 Responses to “Back off man, I’m a scientist”

  1. Everyone rags on the sequel!
    Sure it’s inferior; how could it not be?
    I, for one, like it.

    • Dead Doug says:

      How can you not like Vigo?? I do appreciate the sequel, it holds up pretty well. I like it more now that I am older and wiser. When I first watched it I just dismissed it right off the bat.

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